The Chamber has introduced many initiatives in the last decade, namely, the Sustainable Chennai Forum, Food for Thought, Skill Development Centre, Start-up Entrepreneurial EcoSystem (SEE) Women Director’s Forum and curating and conducting many conferences and seminars on relevant topics under these initiatives for the benefit of the members.
This Year in the 185th year we  had set up a  Women Business Council (WBC) with the aim to promote gender acceleration and to build an inclusive culture in business environments. The primary objective is to enable women to reach their highest potential, through learning and awareness and to create opportunities for gender. The MCCI WBC was inaugurated by Ms. Mallika Srinivasan , Chairman & Managing Director ,TAFE Ltd on 13th March 2021.  

The Madras Chamber was the first Chamber to initiate a Women Directors’ Forum in line with the Companies Act, with an objective to create a pool of competent board ready women directors. We have been handholding women to equip themselves with the requisite knowledge and skills to be inducted into Corporate Boards. We would continue this process in the coming years as part of the Women Business Council.
Purple represents Independence & Wisdom which also has associations to Leadership and Prosperity  
Green is the Color of Life and Energy and associated with Freshness and Growth
Pink brings in Youth and Excitement and is associated with Passion and Creativity

This vibrant, tri-color gradient of warm colors perfectly strikes the balance between dynamic and down to earth Women in Business !
While the soft, round, organic shapes of the logo portray gentleness, friendliness and inclusivity, the sharp angular symbolise communicating power, intelligence and stability. The 2 upward strokes of the W is representative of mountains and signifies overcoming challenges and pursuing the goals no matter what.
Ms. Bhavani Balasubramanian, Chief Strategist -Diversity Evaluation, AVTAR  is the chairperson of the WBC and  who is  be ably supported by Ms. Madhri Guruswamy, Advocate, T.S.Gopalan & Co., as Co Chairperson  .
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